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Arm Lift - Denver Plastic SurgeryArm lifts have seen a steady rise in popularity over the past few years. This procedure is great for older women who have lost tone in their upper arms, but are fit everywhere else, or for anyone who has lost a lot of weight and has excessive skin hanging from the arms.

Simply put, after a certain age there’s just no way to get skin tone back. There aren’t any miracle workouts or skin-tightening creams that will do the trick, which is what makes the arm lift such an appealing option. During this procedure, Dr. Rodgers does not cut muscle, but rather removes excess skin to reveal the toned arm underneath.

The one caveat about arm lift surgery is that it does leave a long scar on the underside of the arm, so trusting an experienced surgeon is key. Dr. Rodgers’ extensive experience helps minimize scarring, and she is also happy to discuss combining an arm lift with a breast lift or other body contouring procedures.

At a Glance

Procedure Typically outpatient procedure lasting 2–3 hours with patient undergoing general anesthesia. Process involves removing excess skin to tighten the appearance of arms.
Benefits More defined arms with a tighter, well toned look.
Recovery time Most patients can resume normal activities, including driving and computer work after about a week. All athletic and strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 5 weeks.
Potential risks Infection; bleeding; scarring; nerve damage.
Tips Patients are advised to wear the supportive vest garment provided after surgery for 1–2 weeks to keep excess fluid out of the arms.

Additional Information

As with all surgeries, there are certain risks involved. That’s why Dr. Rodgers will be sure to discuss your procedure in detail—describing the realistic potential results and any possible risks—during your initial consultation. Dr. Rodgers performs all surgeries in the safety of a hospital and hand selects board-certified anesthesiologists to provide the best possible care.

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