About EnPointe Skin Solutions Denver

As a plastic surgeon, scientist and most importantly, as a woman, Dr. Rodgers understands the complexities of skincare. Her personal battle with breast cancer and her experience dealing with complexions of all kinds were what inspired her to create EnPointe Skin Solutions™. This series of age-fighting, skin-illuminating products is Dr. Rodgers’ answer to the age-old dilemma: can skincare be highly effective without harsh ingredients? The answer is: absolutely.

All EnPointe Skin Solutions products are both powerfully potent and also completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, growth factors, phyto-estrogens (including soys), preservatives, hydroquinone and harsh chemicals. And animal testing? Forget about it.

Dr_Rodgers_landing_imgThe Secret Ingredient: Bio-Energy Complex™

Every EnPointe Skin Solutions product is formulated with a proprietary collection of anti-aging ingredients called the Bio-Energy Complex™. This advanced formula incorporates an exclusive blend of anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, energizers and cell stabilizers that restore, revitalize and replenish the skin while protecting it from environmental damage, hormonal effects and premature aging.

After extensive travel and research, Dr. Rodgers personally selected each of the blend’s eleven mighty ingredients, including a plant-based antioxidant sourced from Tibet, a skin energizer derived from micro algae, Caribbean sea whip (coral), highly-purified green tea extract, and nourishing sea buckthorn oil. The Bio-Energy Complex has now become a closely guarded trade secret and can only be found in EnPointe Skin Solutions.

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